It is often said the greatest existential fear we have as being humans is the fear of death. However, is this the greatest tragedy of existence? Death is inevitable. This cannot change. Why waste one’s time in resistance of this inevitability. It is futile!

The real tragedy of existence is not the certainty of death but the fear of fully living one’s dying life. What does a dying life mean? The commonest cause of death is birth. Once you are born one is on the inevitable journey to death. Every moment is bringing one closer to death. We are always in the process of dying. I view dying time not just when one is in the actual physical process of dying but the time we live right now. To reflect as one having a dying life may sound morbid but it is also a wonderful opportunity to have a constant reminder that there is only so much time one has and it is important to live it fully.

Why are we frightened to live our life? We are trapped by our desire each moment to meet subconscious unmet conditioned psychological needs of our wounded inner child. We live a life of trying to compensate for perceived inadequacy and deficiency. We may view ourselves as being successful, independent and adult through the roles we assume and our material possessions. These are just masks that hide the calling of our child to feel safe, loved and worthy. We feel scared and powerless to live a life beyond the limitations of our personal narrative.

We live a life trapped by the uncritical adherence to live one’s life according to certain societal, religious, political, gender, educational, profession, age or race beliefs. To be unique and step out of the collective consciousness is a threat to one’s safety and the cohesiveness of the group.

We fail to recognize and express the potential of our unique innate gifts and passions and the magic of being human.

What fabricated truths do you live your life by?

We live a life limited by who we believe we need to be
Rather than who we are meant to be.

by Dr. Phil Blustein
Nov. 17, 2023