We often talk about the meaning of life that is indicative of what you see as the purpose of one’s existence. However, there is also the consideration of living a life of meaning, of fulfillment. I see this as an expression of the P’s!

We are social animals and developing relationships with other is essential. It fosters a connection to help overcome loneliness and depression, allows for opportunities to express compassion, openness of heart and support and provides a forum to exchange and learn new ideas. We are so busy in our life that it can be difficult to find the time to create meaningful relationships.

Don’t wait. Find the time to connect with other.

We are so driven as a society to believe that we need the big house, more exotic holiday, faster car, to go to the best and most expensive restaurant, up to date technology, fashionable clothing, to join the right club etc. In order to do this, we sacrifice play in order to work. What a mistake. We need to set the right priorities to have the balance between work and play. We cannot just be defined by the roles we assume.

What do you enjoy playing at? Do you make the time to do it?

What do you believe is important to you? That gives you a sense of purpose? We are meaning making creatures! There is an innate drive to understand our life. We conventionally feel that there needs to be some meaning in our life to make it all worthwhile.

What overarching questions do you have about your existence? What passion or gift lives through you calling to be heard? Do you recognize, honor and cultivate it?

Read, watch videos, listen to podcasts, join groups, take courses and have discussions with your friends about your questions of life.

What is also important is to cultivate a sense of purpose for how one can be in a skillful relationship with other ie. people, animals and the environment. An attitude of respect, kindness, compassion, non-harming and generosity is needed.

To live a meaningful life requires effort to bring richness to it. Start your day by reflecting on what is meaningful to you as it relates to the P’s and how are you going to bring them into your life. At the end of the day reflect on how successful you were in doing this.

What also supports the P’s of a meaningful life is an acknowledgment and expression of gratitude for all the wonderful things in your life.

by Dr. Phil Blustein
Nov. 2, 2023