Non-attachment or Detachment

The contemporary definition of mindfulness as suggested by Jon Kabat-Zinn is “Awareness of the present moment on purpose non-judgmentally.” The essence of the definition is in the word non-judgmental. Does this mean non-attachment or detachment?

When I hear non-judgmental what is evoked in me is a sense of separation and distancing in order to observe and restrain one’s natural inclination to judge. Merriam-Webster defines detachment as “The action or process of detaching, separation.” Cambridge dictionary defines it “as not being involved in a situation.” 

I don’t believe that the true intent of this definition of mindfulness is to be detached.

Mindfulness is a process of being in a skillful relationship with wisdom and compassion with the present moment. It is about “being” with what is present. Being engaged, intimate and fully feeling what is being experienced. But with non-attachment!

Mindfulness is about being non-attached. Non-attached to the sense of self that we create and is a temporary ephemeral conditioned construct. 

Can we be with the experience

Not the one that is having the experience

by Dr. Phil Blustein
April 19, 2024