Liberation is the Transformation from the Suffering of Being Me to the Freedom of Me Being

Who do you believe you are? What relatively fixed beliefs do you hold about your sense of self? Do you see yourself as quiet, invisible, agreeable, submissive, the good boy or girl, guilty, shameful, powerful or demanding? We are a self-fulfilling prophecy of our personal narrative and constantly act to meet the expectations we hold of our personal image. Every moment the actions of our sense of self are interpreted if they are congruent or incongruent with how we believe we should be in this world. We suffer as we believe we are not perfect. We are constantly trying to meet the unmet needs of our conditioned history. We are our story.

Is this the only way we can be in this world? With repeated reflective practice and discernment there is the capacity to move beyond the conditioned construct of the sense of self and rest in one’s authentic self. This is a space of unification and wholeness. An integration of inner child wounding to rest in a sense of self that acts through non-self-referential discernment rather than self-referential judgment. Is the present moment an expression of ethics, morality, compassion, wisdom and non-harming?

To also rest in Presence or Self that exists beyond the conditionality of self. This embodies an innate compassion, wisdom, joy and interconnectedness. A space that allows for the expression of one’s unique gift calling to live through you. Can one just rest in this essence? Nothing to do. Just be!

We can suffer in BEING ME or rest in the contentment of ME BEING.

by Dr. Phil Blustein
May 10, 2023