“Eat Your Way to Holeness”

I was in a contemplative state and pondering the self. What came to mind was the image of a donut. Then there was this spontaneous dissolving of the donut all the way around until nothing was left. No inside or outside.

When you think of a donut there is the circular rim of dough with a hole in the middle. This dough separates what exists inside and outside of the donut. The centre of the donut is the same essence as what is present outside the rim. Nothingness. The circular rim of dough I believe represented the protective shell of my ego. With mindfulness and insight the ego starts to dissolve allowing for the opportunity of connection between these two spaces. When the interface of the donut rim is gone the interior and exterior become unified. We remove the limiting boundaries of the ego that separates us from each other. This was the hole or opening to interconnectedness.

When we remove the limiting boundary of ego what is left? Who are we? Nothing! Just the emptiness and spaciousness of the hole in the centre of the donut.

I found the imagery and what it represented insightful and awe inspiring. I often bring to mind this image and allow that wisdom to inform me. My advice is to eat your way to holeness.

by Dr. Phil Blustein