AWE “Look with not knowing In order to see what is not known”

Smell a flower. Eat chocolate. See clouds in the sky. Hear the chirping of a bird. Touch someone you love. Done it before. Nothing new. What’s next. It takes quite the exceptional experience for us to even recognize it. The biggest problem is that we are just not present to what we experience. The other issue is that familiarity breeds indifference. We look at life through the lens of knowing what is going to be experienced as we have had the experience before. There needs to be a shift in order to allow awe in each moment. We need to suspend expectation and be open to what is new in each moment. We need to be with life without knowing what to expect in order to experience what is not known. Awe in the moment is revealed to us. It is not something we look to find.

Dr. Philip Blustein