Special Half Day WTM ZOOM Retreat


Saturday June 4, 2022
8:45am – Noon

Special half day WTM ZOOM retreat

Join us from the comfort of your home!
Zoom with us online for a half day experience to bring an antidote for fear, fatigue, exhaustion, frustration, or feeling empty.

This half day experience of mindfulness is a benefit in support of WTM. All attendee fees will ensure our communication efforts continue.

Fee: $49 minimum or any amount above this if you kindly wish.
(WTM is not a charity so no tax receipts will be issued)

If this is a problem scholarships are available.
Contact Allan Donsky at allandonsky@me.com

Teaching Team:
Dr. Phil Blustein, Dr. Leslie Ellestad, Dr. Allan Donsky, and Christine Francoeur

 After Registering:

The retreat will be held online using Zoom. Upon registering you will receive a confirmation with the Zoom link.

Please plan on joining us between 8:40 – 8:45am June 4.

Please install Zoom and ensure you know how it works.

A reminder will be sent the day before the retreat.

If there are any questions please send them to: wtm.yyc@gmail.com

Here are few suggestions for setting up to have an enjoyable retreat in your home:

  • Ensure you have a dedicated space that allows you to sit comfortably
  • Within this space, see if you’re able to stand, bend and extend your arms freely
  • Have your computer or phone placed where you can easily see and hear the facilitators
  • You may want to have a journal if that’s part of your practice
  • Try to choose a place within your home that minimizes distractions and noise
  • Let others in your home know your plans for seclusion
  • If using your computer, leave your phone in another room – this is your time – the world will wait
  • Consider preparing your snacks before the start of the retreat
  • Be present with no expectations