Be one with self, Not the one that is self

Be one with self, Not the one that is self.

Is the ultimate goal of mindfulness EGOCIDE? Do we need to kill our ego to be free of self? Who would you be in this world if you weren’t your sense of self? How would you navigate your existence? Pay your bills, have a job and family and interact with others. The sense of self plays an important functional role.

The key to freedom from pain and suffering is to understand the true nature of self. That it is a temporary conditional construct arising moment to moment dependent on one’s habitual patterning. It is the ability to live the paradox of self. To hold self as if it is real, but know that it is an illusion. Not true. To be present in life non-attached to the sense of self. It is a relationship of co-existence, not annihilation.

by Dr. Phil Blustein

MINDFULNESS: Is it Being in the Now?

Mindfulness - Is it about being in the now?

“Is it about being in the now OR being ok with whatever is now”

When people talk about mindfulness the impression is that it is all about being in the present moment. “The Joy of Being in the Now.” But is that what mindfulness is about? If you are aware of your sadness, guilt, shame and anger you may actually be MORE sad, guilty, shameful and angry. You are suddenly aware of what you are feeling while previously you were lost in the emotion and did not know what you knew. You may actually suffer more with being in the now!

There is no question that knowing what is present is key because if you didn’t know what was happening you would not have the capacity to understand how to act on it. What is it that one wants in the present moment? We interpret every experience and it is that judgment that determines whether we feel suffering or joy. The essence of mindfulness is what you do with what you know. Can you be present in a skillful relationship with whatever your present moment experience is?

by Dr. Phil Blustein


Eating Your Way to Holeness

“Eat Your Way to Holeness”

I was in a contemplative state and pondering the self. What came to mind was the image of a donut. Then there was this spontaneous dissolving of the donut all the way around until nothing was left. No inside or outside.

When you think of a donut there is the circular rim of dough with a hole in the middle. This dough separates what exists inside and outside of the donut. The centre of the donut is the same essence as what is present outside the rim. Nothingness. The circular rim of dough I believe represented the protective shell of my ego. With mindfulness and insight the ego starts to dissolve allowing for the opportunity of connection between these two spaces. When the interface of the donut rim is gone the interior and exterior become unified. We remove the limiting boundaries of the ego that separates us from each other. This was the hole or opening to interconnectedness.

When we remove the limiting boundary of ego what is left? Who are we? Nothing! Just the emptiness and spaciousness of the hole in the centre of the donut.

I found the imagery and what it represented insightful and awe inspiring. I often bring to mind this image and allow that wisdom to inform me. My advice is to eat your way to holeness.

by Dr. Phil Blustein


Clouds of Deception

Jack Engler in the 1970’s said: “You need to be somebody before you are nobody.” He was commenting on the fact that there needs to be an intact sense of self before you start to take it apart. I would suggest that we look at it from the other direction. Our biggest problem is our self! We are not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, successful enough etc. It all revolves around who we believe we are and the belief that we are flawed. Is this all we are? Are we more than our self? Who were we before we had a self?

Even without a self we are these wonderful humans with a tremendous potential. To be human is to be divine. The unbelievable capacity to connect with the world through our senses. The universal and egalitarian energy we all have that connects us. There is also the unique gift each one of us was given that calls to be lived through us. Whether it is artistic, dramatic, scientific, caring, athletic etc. One has self-worth because “you are, not who you are.” Unfortunately, this primal essence is obscured by the superimposition of a created self that masks everything else.

We need to look beyond the clouds of deception of our self to see what our true nature is. When your mind starts to criticize and judge you, remind yourself and connect back with this nobody you were before you were a somebody. Become the SELF you were before you were a self. This is not about ego dissolution but discovery of who you are beyond your story.

by Dr. Phil Blustein